Our Strategies


The missions of SEACC are:

  • To represent and advance the interests of consumers in SEA region.
  • To empower consumers in the region.
  • To advocate for pro-consumer policies and influence ASEAN’s decisions of consumer issues.
  • To collaborate with national, regional and international civil society organizations to advance consumer interests.
SEACC vision is to be “the leading voice for consumers in the South East Asian region” with the motto “A voice for change”. It intends to achieve this by being a key stakeholder to policy development in the region as it relates economic integration and consumer protection. As part of this objective the SEACC functions among others are:
  • To analyze the impacts of ASEAN Free Trade Agreement on consumer welfare and consumer laws.
  • To develop consumer information and education programs to address the need of consumers in relation to ASEAN Free Trade Agreement.
  • To assist in the development of consumer organization in ASEAN countries that do not have consumers organization relation.
  • To represent views of consumer movement in all areas of consumer protection to the ASEAN Consumer Protection Agency and related ASEAN conferences and meetings.
  • Become engaged with the relevant ASEAN policy making forums as AEC become reality and into the future in order to influence ASEAN economic integration for the benefit of consumers.

Eventually, SEACC would like to become the consumers’ voice in AEC policy deliberations.