Indians cook most, Indonesians most passionate about cooking, survey finds


SINGAPORE: The average Indian consumer who cooks spends an average of 13.2 hours a week on cooking, making India the country which spends the most time on this activity among 22 countries surveyed.

However, when it comes down to actual love and passion for the activity, it is actually the Indonesians who ranked top across the five Asia Pacific markets surveyed and fourth internationally.

GfK (Germany’s largest market research institute) asked more than 27,000 people aged 15 or older across 22 countries about how knowledgeable, experienced and passionate they were about food and cooking – and how many hours per week they spent cooking.

Countries in Asia Pacific included in this survey were Indonesia, Australia, South Korea, China and India. Findings exclude those who do not cook at all.

“ It is interesting to highlight that people who cook in India spend twice as much time as the amount of time spent by consumers on an international level – which averaged at just under six-and-a-half hours a week,” observed Michael Mueller, APAC COO for GfK Consumer Experiences .

“ The country at the opposite end of the global scale which spends the least time on cooking is South Korea—at 3.7 hours only.”

Around 40% of Indonesians in the survey claimed to be passionate about food and cooking – the highest in the region.

They are closely trailed behind by consumers in India (39%), China (32%), and Australia (24%), with South Korea once again at the lowest end internationally, at 13%.

The survey also uncovered some other interesting gender-related findings. In the region, the male consumers who spent the most number of hours – nearly six hours a week – cooking in the kitchen hailed from India.

Australian males were next at five hours, followed by Chinese and Indonesians (4.8 hours). Meanwhile, their counterparts in India, Indonesia and Australia spend an average of 14.2, 9 and 7 hours respectively cooking.

“ This study delivers valuable insight for businesses offering food and cooking products or services, especially when combined with our sales trends for electric kitchen appliances worldwide,” said Mueller.

“ This combination of attitudinal insight and actual sales trends is unbeatable in revealing the market and consumer segment opportunities for appliances manufacturers.”

Looking at genders, an average 37% of women and 27% of men across all 22 countries agree that they were really passionate about food and cooking.

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