CI calls for car manufactures to come clean

29 Sep 2015

In light of Volkswagen’s (VW’s) attempts to manipulate the results of emissions tests in their diesel cars, Consumers International (CI) is calling on all global manufacturers to come clean about their in-car technology and test results.

We are also demanding a much tougher regime of new tests, better oversight of manufacturers testing and independent testing where necessary.

Volkswagen has admitted to designing software on up to 11 million vehicles worldwide since 2008 to recognise when the engine is undergoing an emissions test and reduce nitrogen oxide (NOx) emissions below the USA’s Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) standard.

While the scandal has thus far been focused on the US, where regulators are gearing up to levy significant fines on VW and up to 500,000 cars have been recalled; regulators in Italy, France, the UK, South Korea, Germany and Canada have all launched investigations into the breach and other nations are said to be considering further action.

Amanda Long, Director General of Consumers International said: “Most consumers will be shocked to have discovered that VW has misled consumers in this way. Consumers have the fundamental right to accurate, timely information so that they can make an informed choice.”

“In a global marketplace, with only a handful of car companies and a handful of parts manufacturers, until there is proof otherwise it stands to reason that other car companies also might not be completely clean. The cloud of doubt can only be lifted when all companies have publically proven they have not been misleading consumers.”

“Regulators and manufacturers need to act urgently to restore consumers’ confidence and trust in the car industry, and car manufacturers must step up and prove they have had no such similar breaches, and then spell out what they intend to do in the future to ensure they are meeting consumers expectations of openness and transparency.”

VW’s actions potentially affect millions of consumers around the world.

We are calling on car manufacturers undertake urgent investigations into the testing and reporting of their vehicles’ emissions and publicly confirm that they are not using similar devices to reduce their emission results. 

VW must ensure that their customers receive the vehicle they thought they had bought and pay appropriate compensation.

Regulators must respond to our national Members calls to review and improve testing protocols for emissions and fuel efficiency so that the results provide accurate and meaningful information for consumers. This includes stronger oversight of manufacturers’ testing including independent testing where necessary.

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