Advocates Slam FDA On Dried Meats

Consumer advocates are calling on the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to improve its regulatory standards for preserved meat products after some products were found to have been contaminated.

 ms_sareeSaree Aongsomwang, secretary-general of the Foundation for Consumers, said yesterday the foundation demanded the FDA measure up to international standards to ensure consumers are buying safe products. She was speaking at a briefing at the foundation’s office to announce details of contaminants found in preserved meat products.

ms_naruemonNareumon Pho-in, a scientist at the foundation, said yesterday four samples of dried meat products were found to be contaminated with sodium nitrate and sodium nitrite, ingredients added to processed meats that help preserve the food.

She said officials from the foundation inspected several supermarkets, Yaowarat Market in Samphanthawong district and Or Tor Kor Market in Chatuchak district, running random quality checks on dried meat products.

A total of 14 samples were tested at a lab under the foundation, according to Ms Nareumon.

The contaminated brands included sweet dried sliced pork (moo sawan) from Moo Moo Shop which was collected from Or Tor Kor Market, sweet dried sliced beef (neua sawan), and salted sliced beef (neua kem) from Ladda Shop and from Moo Moo Shop.

Sweet dried sliced pork was found to contain 2.033 grammes of nitrates — four times the recommended maximum amount, according to Ms Nareumon.